About Us

The FX Lightning System is a complete foreign exchange trading solution for banks, brokers, and institutions. FXLightning satisfies the most advanced client trader demands while providing the bank/broker unprecedented control of their forex operations. FXLightning makes most current third party forex applications obsolete, but allows for easy integration to any in house system required. MT4 can also bridge to FXLightning via our plug-in, allowing synchronization of unlimited liquidity, orders and balances across the network. FXLightning can be rapidly deployed and operating for new clients within one week.


The FXLightning development team efficiently uses and leverages open source technologies to build a high quality and cost effective solution. The core of the system (Order Management System) is based on highly efficient Java code in combination with the transaction processing of the PostgreSQL database system. Atop the OMS sits an Apache CXF/Axis2 SOAP stack that enables the core system to communicate with other components and the outside world. This enables efficient and high throughput access point and extension hooks for the integration of company systems / trading operations. FIX integration is supported by connection through the Quickfix open source FIX engine, and high speed connectivity to user interfaces and mobile applications are implemented by using the Mina and Netty open source libraries.