FXLightning is the complete forex trading solution for Brokers

Unique features for beginning and advanced traders


Extensive reporting for Traders, CTA's and Brokers

Complete control over your liquidity

FXLightning Features


Offer clients the ability to follow other trader order flow with TradeFollow, our easy to use auto trading program allowing complete control over risk and limit settings. See more


Offer clients the ability to automate specific trading rules with SystemScript. It comes with both an Easy and Advanced Screen, tick by tick back testing, and simple copy/paste EA strategy option. Client runs from desktop or stores in cloud on the FXLightning System server.


Manage and view unlimited liquidity and STP order flow on the FXLightning System from a dynamic interface which provides real time spread, margin, swap, and interest rate management settings. See more


FXLightning System

A sophisticated foreign exchange trading solution for banks, brokers, and hedge funds. FXLightning satisfies the most advanced client trader demands while providing the broker with ease and control of their operations. FXLightning allows for easy integration to any in house system via our Backoffice API. MT4 is also connected allowing clients access to unlimited liquidity via our Java GUI, Web Trader, Mobile App, API, or MT4 (optional) platforms synchronized in real time to one account.

FXLightning processes thousands of orders per minute and allows aggregation of unlimited liquidity sources via both FIX and Java API's, while providing millisecond STP trade execution.

FXLightning can be rapidly deployed with our automated processes and operating for new clients in one week. See more


The FXLightning System is comprised of three main components; Front End, Back Office, and Order Management Systems.

Front End Systems include all client and dealer trading platform and interfaces, Web Trader, Java platform, Mobile App, API, or MT4, along with Java Money Manager GUI and broker's Dealer GUI. Front End actions are submitted directly into our Back Office and Order Management databases.

Back Office Systems allow administration, reporting and storage of client data, settings, and trading activity as well as back end liquidity and order history from our scalable high volume data base solution.

Our Order Management System is a high volume millisecond order execution engine that manages order flow from Front End Systems and back end API's connected to liquidity sources. See more

Hosting and Support

The FXLightning System can be delivered to the client for simple self install, or we can install directly onto your server for you. We provide 24 hour 5 day technical support.

We also provide hosting and server maintenance and monitoring. See more

Efficiently Economic

FXLightning is the perfect tool to get your new brokerage up and running quickly as our development and automation processes make installations a snap. We'll connect any specific liquidity API's at your request. FXLightning eliminates the need for liquidity bridges, paam software, mirror trading software, and allows complete controls over real time spread/margin/swap/interest/commission rates. For a limited time you can license your own private end to end system with the ability to add your own white labels, for about the same cost as licensing the leading white label solution. And FXLightning will be there as you grow from your first client to your first ten thousand.

FXLightning is the perfect solution for existing brokers who want to eliminate third party liquidity bridges and aggregate and source their liquidity directly, with the ability to show full order book depth with transparent ECN dealing. Technologically superior and simply more efficient. PAMM module and more. Brokers can also now identify profitable traders and systems with our Performance Tracker, with a simple click any account trading on the system can be made available to any or all other users for auto trading on TradeFollow. How much do you pay out in monthly fees to bridge and mirror trade companies? Use one component or all, we expect FXLightning to increase your revenues and streamline operations. For a limited time you can license FXLightning for your brokerage for less than what many of you pay in bridge fees alone per month.